Listen up Ellis Park Racing fans! We momentarily interrupt our usual live horse racing schedule for some exciting racetrack news.

Live racing is returning for its 93rd season at Ellis Park starting July 2, 2016. That means it’s that time of year again where we hold our illustrious Wiener Dog Races. Yes, we give our usual four-legged stars a break from the racetrack and give our other adorable four-legged friends a chance to win fame and plenty of belly rubs while benefiting local animal shelters.

The best part is that any Ellis Park Racing fan and wiener dog lover can enter. Just follow these simple steps and then you and Fido are on your way to live wiener dog racing history and helping local animal shelters.

cuteness-on-the-racetrack 1

A look of unshakable determination on the racetrack!

How Do I Enter My Wiener Dog?

First things first, have a real wiener dog, or dachshund breed. Preferably, you should enter in one that runs a little faster than other dogs do when you play catch. But, if the only time you’ve seen your dachshund run is for dinner, they’re welcome to enter, too. Live dog racing is one thing, but watching your adorable pup run around being cute is what makes pet lovers, and the internet incidentally, go crazy.    

And yes, while your Italian Greyhound and Siberian Husky can chase after the mail carrier person quicker than your dachshund, unfortunately, they’ll have to sit this one out.

Second, fill out the registration form. You can print the application from our website or visit Ellis Park Racing to pick one up. Complete it and return it to Ellis Park Racing by August 1st, 2016 August 6th, 2016. Any registration form received by Ellis Park Racing after August 1st August 6th will not be accepted. No exceptions! (Registration is now closed)

When you enter your registration form, make sure to have a copy of your lovable pup’s shot records. This is required and they have to be up-to-date. Again: no exceptions!


Champion of the racetrack!

Off to the Racetrack!

After the cut-off date of August 1st August 6th, Ellis Park Racing will hold a drawing that will randomly select 32 puppy participants. Participants will be notified by phone.

Qualifying heats will be run August 20 and August 21. There will be 2 races on each day and race times will be the same Saturday and Sunday.
First Wiener Dog race will take place after Race 3, approximately 1:45 PM
Second Wiener Dog race will take place after Race 5, approximately 2:52 PM

We will race RAIN OR SHINE.

The top two finishing dogs will advance to the Grand Champion race on August 27. The championship race will be held August 27 after Horse Race 5 around 2:42 PM.

Ellis Park Racing guests can place wagers on the Wiener Dog Races. The more the merrier as the proceeds of the races will go to local animal shelters.

The animal shelters benefitted this year are as follows:

August 20th – It Takes a Village Canine Rescue
August 21st – Pets 4 Vets
August 27th – Evansville Arc

In The Meantime…

Ellis Park Racing is excited to see your furry friends racing, but August is still far away. In between training your wiener dog, come down to Ellis Park Racing and enjoy what we’re famous for: horse racing and historical horse racing machines.

We offer thrilling live horsing racing in Kentucky and instant racing machines. If you’re hungry, then no worries. Whether a snack or entrée, Ellis Park Racing has something for everybody’s tastes.

Visit Ellis Park Racing and raise the stakes today.