Hello, horse racing nation! A week ago or so, we wrote about ostrich racing. This interest in exotic racing got us thinking about the other types of animal races held at horse racing tracks. These races are the camel races.

Camels may look unusual compared to a thoroughbred racehorse, but don’t be fooled. These four-legged creatures know how to run.

How Did Camel Racing Become a Thing?

The same way horse races in Kentucky became a thing. If people can ride it, they’ll eventually want to race it on the racetrack.

In all seriousness, camel racing nears horseracing in history. Developed in the Arabian Peninsula, the native peoples raced camels for fun and sport. It wasn’t until the 1970s and 1980s when camel racing became an organized racing sport like thoroughbred horse racing.

How Does a Camel Compare against a Thoroughbred Horse?

Besides the obvious characteristics, camels and horses do have similarities and difference in terms of racing.

The biggest similarity between the two animals includes the same intense level of breeding and training methods. Much like how the American Stud



Book dictates the rules, lineage and history of horseracing, camel trainers subject camels to the same standards. In addition, similar to how a champion racehorse can fetch a high purse as a stud, champion camels can generate a large purse as well for breeding purposes.

One major difference between the two is how we perceive them. When people on our racetrack in Kentucky see a horse, their reaction is usually calm (except when they’re nearing the finish line). Since camels are not native to many countries around the world, let alone North America, people freak out.

At Ellis Park Racing, we absolutely love making people excited about racing again and again. That’s part of the reason we hold camel and ostrich races on our racetrack. We want people to get a little out of their comfort zone and see something they’ve probably never seen before.

It makes these races and the simulcast even more thrilling.

Come See Our Racetrack Today!

At Ellis Park Racing, we hold live horse races and have historical horse racing machines for quick thrills at our racetrack. Check out our schedule and come see one of our horse races, or ostrich or camel races, in Kentucky.

If horse racing isn’t your thing, we also have a wiener dog race held this Saturday.

Come down to Ellis Park today and raise the stakes!