It’s getting scarier out there, horse racing fans. Halloween is only a few weeks away, and the race horses in Kentucky sense it. It’s part of the reason why we don’t hold live horse races at our Kentucky racetrack in October. They may get spooked.

What is a spooked racehorse in Kentucky, you ask? Well, this horse racing trivia isn’t pleasant.

A Spooked Racehorse

Horses are not just racehorses. They are emotionally sensitive prey animals. When they face something they don’t immediately understand—says a stranger or a gunshot—the horse will either spook itself or shy away.

Spooking is when the horse abruptly flees from the frightening phenomena. Sometimes, the horse will run until it feels it’s safe, hide. In the worse case scenario, the horse may feel threatened and fight. They may include misbehaviors such as bucking, kicking, biting or fleeing from their master.

Despite this, spooking is normal. A horse will calm down after the spook, and depending on the trainer, will follow their horse trainer’s emotional state. It is when a horse is scared of everything, whether a rock or flower, that it becomes a problem. What is scaring the horse is up to the trainer’s discretion.

So, if you are ever presented to scare a horse, don’t. It is cruel, and a horse will remember it.

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