Do you love horses? Do you love scaring people? Did you love the literary horse racing reference from a few weeks ago?

Perhaps your true calling in life isn’t your successful career as a pharmacist or account manager. No, most likely, your true calling in life is becoming a frightful specter bent on wearing pumpkins on your head and scaring away male school teachers.

At Ellis Park Racing, we can show you the way in this surreal horse racing career.

How to Become a Headless Horseman

There isn’t a career center or union of headless horsemen, so you may find making a living salary nearly impossible. The odds will also be particularly stacked against you as you will not have a head. To be honest, the majority of your money may come from tips of people wanting to pet your horse and/or family/spousal support.

However, if you persevere, you may become a media sensation overnight and draw potential sponsorships. Here are some steps to consider:

Get a Racehorse

In order to be a headless horseman, you will need a racehorse. Not just any horse, however. You will need a who will race fast, look scary and navigate on their own. They will also have to not mind the smell of pumpkins, which can is known to be quite odorous to specific breeds of equestrians.

Break up with Your Head

Obviously, to become a headless horseman, you will not need a head. The best and cleanest way to ditch your head is to end your relationship with it. Say while you love it, you need the space to become who you really are inside. Your head will understand and will pop off and leave.  

Next, run down to the local pumpkin patch and buy a couple of the shiniest pumpkins to display above your shoulders.  

Dress with a Fabulous Cape

Now that your head is gone, you can now wear whatever you want. However, to keep in line with your new career as a headless horseman, you’ll need the finest horseman costume. Take a page from the headless horseman story and wear fine horse riding boots and equestrian wear. The most important article of clothing, however, will be a cape as fabulous as the fall sunshine is fine. It will give you traditional look and make scaring people look more majestic.

Social Media is Your Friend

You may need an aggressive social media division to gain national and possible world attention. Setting up a Youtube channel with videos of you scaring people on your racehorse will be your bread and butter. Make sure to get a plethora of you being the headless horseman. Travel around the State of Kentucky filming in the majestic meadows with your horse. Run for a brief period in a storm. Scare a couple of people in the street.

Eventually, you’ll gain more subscribers and then you can market your cult of B-celebrity. Hopefully, some horse racing sponsorships will come through. That is when you’ll know you made it.

Raise the Stakes at Ellis Park Racing

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