You rarely hear about a horse appreciation day. It’s a real shame, too. Our Kentucky race horses make our racetrack in Kentucky what it’s been for almost 100 years. Today, our Kentucky horse race track would love to show our quad-pedaled equestrian friends how much we appreciate them.

Why Race Horses in Kentucky Are the Bee’s Knees

Racehorses in Kentucky are strong

Race horses in Kentucky are notoriously strong and have high endurance. After all, they have to be physically fit to run at breakneck paces for almost two miles. On the farm, they can plow through yard work without a single moment of strain. They can also carry two adult humans if need be. In conclusion, don’t let some fitness model be your health goals. Aspire to be as strong as a race horse in Kentucky.

They are cute

With those big eyes, long eyelashes, and long, calm face, there is rarely such thing as an ugly horse. Whether they’re roaming the field, grooming their young, or neighing, horses are adorable. It should be a compliment when people say you look like a horse. Seeing a pony play and roll around in the grass is cuteness overload, too.

They helped build the State of Kentucky

Historically speaking, the State of Kentucky and the United States of America wouldn’t have gotten far without the aid of a horse. They helped plow the field for crops. They helped build settlements and ambitious construction projects, like the railway system. They also helped develop the mailing system of the United States. If you are a patriot, show your appreciation to the horse.

They help us make money

We want to thank the racehorses in Kentucky for letting Ellis Park Racing help pay their bills. Granted, we do have other services, like historical horse racing machines, but nothing brings the bucks like Kentucky race horse. Our race track in Kentucky thanks all the racehorses from the bottom of our hearts.

Come Down to Our Kentucky Horse Race Track

At our Kentucky horse race track, we have everything for the best night. Food, drinks, and historical horse racing machines are all available for our guests. We also run specials monthly, so keep your eyes on our website. Act like a racehorse in Kentucky and run down to Ellis Park Racing.