Horse Racing Betting Tip: Date Someone whose Betting You Trust

Love is in the air at Ellis Park Racing. With Valentine’s day just a month away, our horse racetrack in Kentucky would like to set the mood for all those live horse racing fans out there. To start, we’d like to offer this romantic horse racing betting tip: find someone whose horse racing bets you can trust. And remember, betting on live horse racing should always be full of fun and whimsy. It should never be stressful.

Love is in the air, and so are horse racing betting tips

If you can’t trust someone to make a sound judgment, then who can you trust? Betting on racehorses in Kentucky is not just something fun and exciting, but it can be a tell about the person you’re with.

What You Can Tell by Dating Someone who Knows How to Bet

They think

There’s a lot involved in making a sound, reasonable bet. One has to observe a racehorse in Kentucky, keep in mind their last racing performance, and be knowledgeable of the horse racing odds. If they can reason which horse will win based on all of this, you may have to propose to them. It’s only the most obvious thing to do.

They know how to handle money

It takes a disciplined mind to know when and when not to spend money. It also takes a disciplined mind to know when to accept a risk and when to pass. If your significant other has consistently shown to do both of these things, then they are a keeper. Now if only they could decide what they want for their birthday.

They can buy dinner

What are they going to do with all that money they won? If they tell you it’s to buy that new Teach-Yourself-Origami book series they always wanted, they’re lying. The correct answer is to take you out to dinner because you drove them to the racetrack in the first place. Give and take: the key to every successful relationship.

Bring Everyone to Our Horse Racetrack in Kentucky

Whether you bring your beau, family, friends, horse dolls, et cetera, we don’t mind at Ellis Park Racing. Everyone is welcome. Until live horse racing starts near the beginning of summer, we provide yummy food and historical horse racing machines. You can also check out more of our horse racing betting tips here.

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