Racehorse Trivia: How Do Dams Raise their Foals?

Nothing warms our hearts more than seeing a thoroughbred foal. Not only are they cute, but they also have so much potential. They’re young, energetic, and in the running to become the next Triple Crown winner. At our racetrack in Kentucky, we wanted to show some love to the foals by describing the relationship between them and their mothers in this month’s racehorse trivia.

Racehorse Trivia: Mare and Foal Behavior

After eleven months with foal, a mare will give birth. When foals come into the world, they cannot walk. Instead, they lie on the ground until they become able to walk, which is around an hour after birth. The foal’s coordination develops exponentially from then on, being able to run a day later.

During this time, mare and foal behavior includes bonding. The mare stays near the foal, and the foal nurses from the mother. The foal gets everything it needs in nutrition from their mother for the first few weeks of life. When the horse grows bigger, the horse owner then introduces solids into the foal’s diet. During those next six months, the foal is weaned from the mother.

Why foals need their mama

While foals spend only a year around their mother, the horse mothering behavior is important for the development of the foal. Besides the nutrition, mares help socialize their foals. This is what allows the foal to be calm around other horses and human interactions.

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