Horse racing season is just around the corner, and if there’s one thing Kentucky horse racing fanatics can spot, it’s a newbie. We’ve got some horse betting terms you can throw around on the track. Who knows, you could convince the Kentucky natives you’ve been coming to the track all your life!

Horse Betting Terms all Kentucky Horse Racing Fans Know

Term knowledge that can help your horse race betting strategy

Last week, we gave some horse betting tips for beginners. We described some common terminology like “across the board,” “combo straight wager,” and “trifecta.” Now, it’s time to up your game with some more in-depth horse betting terms knowledge.

Use these phrases properly at Kentucky horse racing tracks:

  • In the money: When a thoroughbred horse finishes first, second, or third.
  • On the nose: A horse race betting strategy that only picks the winning horse.
  • Bridge jumper: Someone with deep pockets who places a big bet on one horse. Horse betting odds don’t always favor these people. This term was coined because horse racing fans like to say these gamblers might jump off the nearest bridge if their horse doesn’t place.
  • Dead heat: This phrase isn’t exclusive to Kentucky horse racing. Officials describe a dead heat as two horses who cross the finish line at the same trot. In the case of a tie, winners split the money in their respective places.
  • Inquiry: Another word that’s not exclusive to horse betting terms, so anyone with sports experience can safely throw it around. Use the phrase to talk about a situation when officials need to review a situation, i.e. a dead heat.
  • Objection: Fancy way to describe a jockey using unsportsmanlike behavior to win the competition, ending in an official inquiry.
  • Odds: Horse betting odds are the mathematical numbers used to describe how likely one animal is to win a certain race.

Apply Your Knowledge

Ready to apply your knowledge of horse betting terms? Come down to Ellis Park Racing and test it out! Our live horse racing seasons starts in July.