If you love racehorses and have been looking for a holiday that celebrates rescuing and providing sanctuaries to at-risk horses, get involved in National Help a Horse Day. Each year, we celebrate this holiday to show support for organizations that work to provide shelter to horses that would be left out on their own to survive.

Celebrate National Help a Horse Day

Set your calendars for April 26th to celebrate National Help a Horse Day! It’s a day to bring awareness to horse abuse and the plight of horses. Owners decide they no longer want their horses, so they carelessly ignore horse care 101 to transport and discard horses in other countries. The ASPCA wants to showcase organizations that stand up and aid the horses by caring for them.

History of the holiday

The ASPCA created National Help a Horse Day in 2013 to bring awareness to horse abuse and to celebrate equine sanctuaries and rescues. These places take horses in to prevent them from neglect and getting slaughtered. The holiday has grown so much that even organizations and businesses that are unrelated to horses participate by having horse-themed events to raise awareness and money that will go to the ASPCA.

How can I celebrate?

Here are some ideas for celebrating National Help a Horse Day this year:

  • Find your local equine group: This is a great way to discover equine organizations that are near you that you may not know about. They may even be participating in the holiday by having an event. You can learn how to volunteer with them on other days of the year.
  • Host a Help a Horse Day event: Partner up with local businesses or organizations that would be interested in bringing awareness to Help a Horse Day. Some ideas for collaboration include horse festivals and horse-themed fundraisers where the proceeds benefit the ASPCA.
  • #HelpaHorse: Post your photos of horses or horse events using the hashtag, #HelpaHorse. This is a great way to bring awareness to your family and friends who may not be aware of the holiday. You can be among just the estimated 3 million people that will also post!

Hosting a Help a Horse Day event

If you want to bring awareness to your community about this holiday, host your own event. The ASPCA has provided tips to have a successful event:

  • Plan your event right: Plan your event with great detail, so you can have a great event day.
  • Collaborate: Get in touch with other organizations that may want to host an event but are lacking manpower. Together, you can throw a great event to bring awareness to Help a Horse Day.
  • Get Creative: Host a creative and memorable event that will get people to remember celebrating Help a Horse Day. If it is a successful theme or event, aim to have the event again the next year.
  • Be Thankful: Remember to thank all of the community members and donors who helped with the event. Also, remember to thank the ASPCA and make sure that any donations go back to them.

Show Your Love For Horses

You can celebrate your love for horses while at Ellis Park Racing. Come see the wonderful horses we have here by visiting on April 26th!