Horse racing season is at the starting line, and it will soon be time to start heading to the race track. With all the excitement of the horse race, you’ll definitely work up an appetite. What can be more fitting than a traditional Kentucky food staple? Whether it’s sipping on a Mint Julep or diving into a Hot Brown, there will be plenty of Kentucky meals to conquer your appetite down at the race track.

Four Hearty Kentucky Meals for a Day at The Track

Whether you will be down at the race track or viewing it from the comfort of your home, you’ll get hungry watching the high-adrenaline races. Try out these staple Kentucky meals during horse racing season.


These cheese puffs are zooming past your typical cheese biscuits in the race for cheesy goodness. These French puffs can be served alone or with some added flare of spicy sausage to give your race viewing attendees a little kick.

Watermelon tomato salad

What could be better on a summer day watching the races than a cooling watermelon tomato salad? The refreshing watermelon and tomatoes are a great healthy option for a summer horse race viewing party. This simple-to-make salad is a staple for a day at the track.

Kentucky Hot Brown

This traditional Kentucky recipe may have begun at the Louisville Brown Hotel, but it has become a staple of the entire state. Combining gravy and bacon with cheesy Romano and turkey breast, it is sure to be a hit with any horse race fans.

Run for the Roses pie

There’s no other way to end your horse race feast than with a slice of Run for the Roses pie, also known as Derby Pie. This nutty, chocolatey pie is the perfect end to your perfect horse race viewing party. You will be the winner of the roses with this pie.

Wash everything down with a nice Mint Julep

Mint juleps are the most recognized traditional horse race drink. If you are watching the horse races, sip on mint juleps to cool you down from all the excitement. Not a fan of alcohol? Still keep up with the tradition by trying a mock mint julep.

Eat and Play at Ellis Park

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