As the weather gets warmer, outdoor activities are a great way to get out and enjoy the sun. One great option for a summer activity is horse race viewing. The rush of the horses racing by and being in the middle of all the action could make for a great summer first. If you’re visiting the horse race track for the first time, we’ve got some great tips for you.

To have a memorable first time at the track, you need to start preparing for the horse racetrack. It can be an action-packed day at the horse racetrack, so you must plan out what you’ll be doing during your time there. Here are tips for your first time at the track to have a memorable summer day.

3 Tips for Visiting the Horse Race Track for the First Time

When you’re visiting the horse race track for the first time, you don’t want to waste your day trying to figure out how horse racing works. That could be time spent enjoying the race and the moments unfolding right in front of you. Preparation is key for a successful first time at the track.

1. Check the race schedule

Do some research of the race schedule on the day you’re planning to visit. You’ll learn about which horses will be racing, which can help if you get the urge to bet on some horses for the first time. It’s also a good way to plan when to arrive at the track. If you’re not interested in the first races of the day, then plan to visit the track a little bit later for the more action-packed races.

2. Take your seats

Depending on the type of day you want to have, you could choose to sit in the stands or you can plan for a lovely picnic while watching the race. Choose the right seats for the experience you want. Most race tracks offer a variety of seating locations, from luxurious to picnic style. View the seating arrangements of the racetrack before heading there, and contact the track to reserve your perfect seat.

3. Plan your meals

All the action of the race could strike up an appetite. While some race tracks offer food for the viewers to purchase, still be sure to check out their dining options. Some of the race tracks offer wonderful dining options and could even be included in your race viewing package.

Live Horse Race Viewing at Ellis Park Racing

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