You walk into the sportsbook, and you’re going bet on horses for the first time and look up to see all the numbers flashing on the board. You get stressed because you don’t know what any of those numbers mean. Don’t just bet on a horse because their name is great. Horse race stats are an important component to placing your bets on the right horse. To win big in horse betting, learn how to bet on the best horse based on their stats.

How to Use Stats for Horse Betting

All the numbers you see flashing on the big screens at sportsbooks have a purpose. They offer you horse betting information you can use to figure out the best horse to bet on. It’s not good enough to just choose a horse because it has the funniest name.

Important statistics to look out for

It may be overwhelming to look at the statistics and not know what they mean. Here are the top statistics to look out for when you’re preparing for betting and horse race viewing:

  • Trainer-jockey combo: A good trainer-jockey combination is when they have five of seven together. This can help you conclude they’re a great team.
  • Course record: If you’re betting for a certain course, check the horse’s record on that course. Each track is different, and a horse can run differently on each course.
  • Previous history: If your horse choice has fancied the race before, it’s more than likely the horse will do well again.
  • Class factor: It may be a good sign if you learn the horse you want to bet on has classed up.

Read the codes

Sometimes, there will be letters and abbreviations you may not understand. However, these codes can give you clues about betting on a certain horse.

Here are the common race type codes and their meanings:

  • Shp: starter handicap, or horses that have started in inferior claiming companies but have improved
  • Stk: Stake, or what the base purse of the race is being held in
  • Hcp: Handicap, or a race that the weights were assigned based on past performances

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