Mini Corndog with Ketchup won the Wiener Dog title in a three-dog photo.

Mini Corndog with Ketchup was the max last year at Ellis Park, earning Top Dog honors with two track records in the Wiener Dog competition. Coady Photography photos

On your bark! Get set! Register!

The popular wiener dog races are back at Ellis Park, and Friday July 7 is the deadline to register your dachshund to be included in a drawing for the chance to compete. Qualifiers will be Saturdays Aug. 5 and 12, with the Wiener Dog Derby championship on Aug. 26.

Wiener Dog Registration 2017

Here’s last year’s recap of the competition, with Mini Corndog with Ketchup (called Mini for short) setting a track record for about 50 yards to prevail in a three-dog photo:

The leggy and long-haired yellow dachshund officially named Mini Corndog with Ketchup, set a track record for about 50 yards for the second straight week to prevail in a three-dog photo Saturday for the title of Ellis Park’s Top Dog. Mini edged Turbo Dutch, who nipped Molly for runner-up status in the field of the eight finalists that had finished in the top two in the previous weekend’s qualifiers. Molly had narrowly lost to Mini the week before.

“I think we’re going Disney,” Brad Huebner of Newburgh, who owns Mini with wife Bethany, said with a laugh.

Mini needed to break her own record of 6.91 seconds set in last weekend’s qualifiers to prevail, which she did in 6.76. Brad Huber said he wasn’t sure that they had won. “I actually wasn’t even ready when they opened the gate,” he said. “We were squeaking and hollering and she made it. But it was a photo finish, definitely a close race.”

The Huebners have all the respect for Turbo Dutch, who looked like he was going to blast to victory in his qualifier last weekend until in deep stretch he stopped and wheeled around to see where the other dogs were, playing around for a bit with his pals before getting back to business to narrowly lose.

“We got to practice with Turbo two weeks ago,” Bethany Huebner said. Deadline to register for 2017 Wiener Dog races is July 7.

“That was her toughest competition, so we knew it was going to be a tough one. And she nosed it out. They had a little words before the race.”

“Yeah, they were talking a little trash before the race,” Brad said. “I think Mini got under his skin a little bit.”

Bethany said they have another a wiener dog who was in the final about five years ago. “One of the cameramen actually stepped in front of him and he got a little spooked and ended up third,” she said. “He was on course to win. So I feel redeemed, we feel vindicated that we got this one in and got the championship.”

Chuck Chapshaw, owner of Turbo Dutch, gave kudos to Mini. “The No. 4 dog raced really good in the qualifiers,” he said. “He was right behind her, started off a little bit slower. She had a great start and great finish. He was right behind her, and we’re really proud of him. He ran straight today.”