Junior Jockey Club registration form


One Junior Jockey Club member a week will go to the paddock to be honorary paddock just and get photo taken with that race’s winners. Coady Photography

Hey kids! Sign up for our Junior Jockey Club. Children between 5 and 12 will meet on occasion to do fun things at the track. One kid a week will be chosen via drawing to go to the paddock for a race and be the honorary paddock judge. Yes, you’ll be the one telling the jockeys, “Riders up!” Then watch the race from the winner’s circle and get your picture taken with the winners. Questions? Email Brianna at bvitt@ellisparkracing.com.

Junior Jockey Club Registration Form

Fill out a registration form at the track (at the table by the clubhouse entrance) or print out the form above and return to that table. (The form includes the rules.)

See you at Ellis Park. Junior Jockeys up!



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