Corgi & Wiener Dog Races Official Rules & Regulations

  1. Participating canines must be real dachshunds or corgis. There are no weight restrictions.
  2. All racers must complete this registration form and submit their dachshund's vaccination records.
  3. Only the dogs selected to race will be allowed on the track at Ellis Park Racing & Gaming. NO SPECTATOR CANINES WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE TRACK.
  4. Each race will cover approximately 60 feet on the Ellis Park Racing & Gaming Dirt Track.
  5. Each dog must be accompanied by two humans. One human will carry the dog to the starting line, while the other will be at the finish line to catch them.
  6. All participating humans must sign a consent waiver releasing Ellis Park Racing & Gaming from all liabilities and granting permission to use their names and likenesses in promotional advertising.
  7. Humans may use a favorite chew toy, scarf, or treat to coax their dogs. No dog whistles or other whistles are allowed.
  8. Humans MUST wear shoes on the track.
  9. Participating dogs are only allowed trackside during their individual race. They must be on a leash when not racing.
  10. Humans are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.